Our internet of things is moving in. Yet, we only recycle 20% of our electronics. We are leaving $55 Billion on the table. To realize this value, we need to build better systems.

Founders, Sarah O’Sell and Vikram Modgil, created Anim8 Collective with the vision to enable value in every thing for every one.

Their combined 25 years experience with emerging technologies and mutual passion for responsible development are the foundations for their long-term mission to create an equitable exchange infrastructure for the next material economy.

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Sarah O’Sell

Chief Anim8or, Inventor
10yrs. Systems Thinking, Global Design and Engineering Manager, Marketing, Emerging Tech Strategy

Seattle Ambassador
Women in 3D Printing

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Vikram Modgil

CEO, Co-Founder
15 yrs. Data Science, Machine Learning, Decision Design, Customer Success, and Information Systems Specialist

The Good AI

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